In recent years, companies, entrepreneurs, employers, specialists in organizational transformation, but also interior design specialists and, above all, working professionals have started to pay increased attention to the workspace. Employers focus more and more on identifying the best solutions that will help them create an exceptional work experience for their current and future talents. Thus, in order to reach the top of the most desirable office buildings, real estate developers and landlords concentrate, in return, not only on covering their tenants’ need for space, but, as well, on providing the proper services to satisfy the requirements of a continuously developing business, on customer care, and last, but not least, on the customer’s journey.

In the beating heart of Bucharest, just 3 minutes away from the city’s „kilometer zero”, in an iconic building with historical and patrimonial value that has a personality of its own, recently renovated, upgraded and modernized to comply with all the current exigencies of the office market, and internationally recognized, in 2022, as the “Best Commercial Renovation project in Romania”, Hagag Development Europe inaugurated, under the commercial brand H Private, its first full-service Business Center: H Private Arghezi.

Thus, H Private Arghezi has been designed to meet the needs of both multinational companies, start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike – however varied these might be – from workspaces, to productivity, flexibility, premium services and predictability, and up to networking, creativity, inspiring working conditions and more.

And because you can easily find all the details about H Private’s products and services on the dedicated website section, we are more than pleased to use the „Social Point” as a vessel that tells the story behind H Private Arghezi’s interior design theme and its unique artistic component that breathes life into the Center as a whole, and to showcase how architecture and art liaise to meet the constantly changing needs of today’s dynamic business environment.

And just like that, a modern and classy fit-out and a conscious-glam interior design concept combine to provide the end user with an inspiring, comfortable private office suite with contemporary character and to create, at the same time, a business center with multiple features and facets. The general sensation all visitors sense when making contact with the Center is that of privacy, of safety.

The core of our location is represented by the business lounge – which is also the first area that tenants and visitors access upon arrival – designed as an open space setup and equipped with soft furniture, a generous marble-clad reception for extra elegance and acoustic solutions carefully implemented so that anyone can use it for a 1-to-1 private meeting outside the rented office. The central lighting piece, which is located above the reception desk, is signed by Zaha Hadid and designed is such manner as to encapsulate the imposing vibe of the entire building within an everyday lamp, integrating its technical and voluminous forms into a flawless construction that aims to persuade the viewer that light can easily morph and turn into a sculpture. In completion, arranged discretely along the ceiling, the dark grey felt lighting fixtures add-on to create a fluid and linear overall image, refined by the presence of light grey decorative profiles that adorn the walls and a couple of small delicate lamps, positioned across key points of the lounge area to seal the warm and relaxed atmosphere of the room. Needless to say, that all of these luminous, fluid and dynamic architectural objects were deliberately placed on the central points dedicated primary to physical interaction, complementing the technical lighting model from all-around the hallways. When it comes to chromatics, the colours were selected out of a cooler range, more specific to the business environment, with neutral shades of grey and beige, alongside multiple facets of blue and navy tones, complemented by gold or chrome accents. And for a note of uniqueness, the architects and interior designers proposed a mix between industrial and glamour, furniture pieces with velour and leather finishes, and assorted coffee tables in different sizes, with ceramic or metal tops.

When it comes privateness, on the central axis, we chose soundproof-insulating glass partitioning that allows the natural light to penetrate all the spaces on the level, including the cosy and narrow hallways, with the architects opting for technical or track light linear fixtures that fit the overall industrial style appearance, highlighting the silhouette of the apparent ceiling. Moreover, to secure the optimal level of soundproof insulation, including at full occupancy rate, the floor was covered with high quality thick carpet tiles and the interior compartmentalization of the offices was made of double plasterboard walls.

Then, as a general rule when we decided to integrate an artistic component, we started from the premise that art has the ability to enhance the atmosphere of any place. Thus, right from the first contact with the business lounge, visitor will see how another dimension of the location takes shape through the works of art that adorn it. The pieces displayed in the Center were chosen by experienced gallerists, to complete and personalize the atmosphere already successfully created through the design elements. In a minimalist interior that functions as an exclusive venue for business activities, the abstract style of the paintings exhibited all around, topped by the imposing personality of the iron sculptures so delicately made by Daniel Rădulescu perfect the character of the room in a subtle but refined way, without visual overload.

Thereby, H Private Arghezi comes to life via an inimitable collection of creative accents developed by contemporary artists, meticulously selected through The H Gallery, which resonate with the values and culture of our brand. The proportions and sizes of the works, the techniques and the materials of the representations displayed here vary depending on the concept pursued by each individual work. At first, we see large-scale canvases exhibiting both geometric and hyper-contemporary compositions in black and white, as well as paintings with a figurative impulse, with strong formal and stylistic accents. Green and blue predominate chromatically, showcased into various compositional poses, often making a smooth, natural transition to the chromaticity of the interior design elements. The visual allusions to the refuge of the natural space that gets lost in the abstract help provide a relaxing effect, while still maintaining a formal, business atmosphere and naturally integrating it into the overall personality of the building.

The small framed works displayed on the corridors of the first and second levels of the Center are all made on paper and act as a series of „miniature” personal signatures of the artist, Lucian Hrisav. Most of these colourful creations are made through his personal spray-paint technique that concentrates on superimposing a multitude of coloured particles layers. Each painting encapsulates a small part of the observant infinity, which is all the more strongly accentuated by their exposure in such a modern, collective space.

And yes, of course we are aware that identifying the right location and the office that suits you is a complex process, but we are confident that H Private Arghezi’s services, together with its look & feel, meets both yours, and your teams’ needs and selection criteria.

So, don’t be shy! Schedule a visit today and choose your future office out of H Private’s offer!

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