Born in Brăila, in 1983, in an Italo-Romanian family, and surrounded, ever since his early childhood, by the artists in the family but not only, Pier Bertig had his first exhibition at the age of 13, at the local gallery in his hometown. Over the past five years, his works have been displayed in various collective and personal exhibitions across Romania and abroad. He sees brush and paint as the primary tools that help him better express his thoughts and feelings, as well as an imaginary liaison between him and the audience; as the tools that support him in sending out a message that each viewer can understand. Moreover, he believes that attributes such as inspiration, vocation and emotion were carefully placed in his life, as was the desire to express them. Thus, when taking his place at the easel, before anything else, Pier Bertig gives himself time; because time, as he perceives it, is inspiration. And precisely these moments of meditation that he enjoys so much before the act of painting itself are the ones that later come to life through the warm touches of his paintings. This is a true fact that can be easily observed in the reinterpretation of the well-known frescoes that adorn the walls of the Villa di Livia – one of the most famous residences of ancient Rome, officially recognized under this name only in the 19th century, and recently translated onto canvas, exclusively for H Private Arghezi.

For sure that those of you who have had the opportunity to visit the famous property located in the Prima Porta area, only 12 kilometers North to Rome, have already noticed the personal contribution that the young artist brings to the theme. Instead of quince, Pier chose to illustrate – in acrylic paint, with brush and knife marks – an orange tree whose strong shades of green, together with the delicacy of the orange fruits tones, combine excellently with the serene blue of the clear sky. And since our aim was to transform the two kitchenettes that serve the Center into a cozy, peaceful place, we are more than delighted that the feeling generated by Bertig’s reinterpretation of the frescoes is precisely that of inner peace.

Then, we meet Pier, again, when entering some of the private offices on the first floor. Office 107, for instance, comes to life through an image inspired by Klimt’s famous “Kiss”. Here, the “Tree of Life”, whose crown branches unfold into an amalgam of small vortices pierced by brightly colored geometric “fruits”, becomes the centerpiece of the room, emanating subtle waves of gold combined with small accents of color that warm up the overall atmosphere. For this specific work, the artist also used acrylic paint on cotton canvas, stretching it, this time, on a wooden frame, in order to reaffirm the idea of warmth and nature.

The following artworks signed by Bertig are meant to animate office 102, office 105 and office 110, being positioned across different cardinal points – South, West and North – due to their symbolism. Each of these illustrate different poses of the self, materialized in the form of abstract hearts. Unique, with a personality of its own, the paintings from the “Heart” series reflect the artist’s state of mind, feelings and emotions, which he transfers onto canvas through imagination and color with the purpose of awakening among the viewers the reminiscence of personal experiences.

If you are looking for a modern workspace with ultra-central positioning that offers, in addition to prime facilities and services, that spark of inspiration you need to perform better, but also the opportunity to closely admire the a series of artworks signed by young Romanian artists, schedule your visit today and choose your future office from H Private’s offer!

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