The Office isn’t dead!


The past couple of years have challenged us all to adapt to new ways of getting our work done and even for those of us who have succeeded, the big question still remains: ‘What does the work-space of the future look like?’.

After two years of financial and administrative pressure improvisation, living-room video calls and impromptu café meetings, we are starting to discover the long-term costs of these strategies that helped us to get by at a time of need. Terms like ‘Zoom fatigue’ are becoming part of our everyday vocabulary. And if going back to the office as we knew it in the pre-pandemic times is obviously not an option, maybe making a shift to a more personal, secure and flexible space is the answer. Same-same, but different. Because as we are emerging from the ‘eye of the storm’, it is becoming clearer and clearer that improvisation is not a long-term strategy. Flexibility, on the other hand, is.

Welcome to a new ERA!

One of the key elements shaping the future working environment is undoubtedly flexibility. The rise of the hybrid work model is accompanied by a need for an efficient and adaptable work space: all administrative services included, short and medium-term rental, high quality in every detail, genuine ambiance with a conceptual design, complementary working community. This trend is already being adopted abroad by small and big businesses alike.

Working from home was supposed to save us time and money but surveys are starting to show that the overall work-life balance is not going in the direction we were hoping for. According to a 2020 survey performed by the Institute for Employment Studies, in the UK, only 37% say they find homeworking motivational and 50% are not happy with their current work-life balance.

It appears that, whether an employee, entrepreneur or a business person, we are all more productive and motivated in an office space where we feel the team vibes. The performance vibes! It is much easier to be engaged in our work when we have people around that inspire and motivate us, and more often than not it is that engagement that makes all the difference in the company’s performance. According to Gallup’s 2022 report (State of the Global Workplace), low employee engagement cost the global economy about $7.8 trillion, in 2021.

Technology may have helped us stay in touch and get things done in times of great uncertainty, but one thing it cannot fully substitute is human connection. As much as we would like to have ideas drop on our heads like the legendary Newtonian apple, we are much more likely to generate smart solutions when bouncing ideas off each-other. Having a collaborative environment where you can exchange ideas and connect with other professionals, from different areas of expertise is crucial to innovative thinking.

Therefore, business centers designed to encourage networking and attract complementary areas of activity are most likely to create enticing, successful environments.

Another aspect that is becoming more and more obvious is the importance of having a beautiful workspace that inspires you to do your best work. Whether you’re creating content or closing multi-million-dollar deals, how much you thrive as a professional is highly dependent on the environment in which that work is produced. As such, modern working spaces, with an elegant and clean design, located in well-connected city areas, that offer all the resources of a fully-serviced office suite, are currently looking like the place to be.

In conclusion

No matter what your business profile is and what your plan was before 2020, one thing is certain, if you are to thrive in times of great change, you have to adapt. The office space is no exception.

The transition to the new working model is far from over. And right now, it looks like spaces that offer first-rate amenities, while also having conditions that are amendable to particular needs, are becoming the preferred choice for many businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Transitions may come with their challenges but they are also a time for great opportunities. A time for re-evaluating priorities, sharp decisions but also reinventing and innovating.

In the words of Grant Powell, for Forbes magazine: ‘The Office isn’t dead. It’s evolving.’ And we are all very excited to see what it will look like.

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